The Process

Split into distinct stages enabling the best possible outcomes


This stage is in place to help understand the current reason for needing an app or website. We would look to address those problems and propose next steps in the form of a mood board or audit.

Why it’s needed

  • Opens up the direction from the start
  • Assess and audits potential pain points
  • Discovers new approaches and inspiration
  • Creates discussion with an overall review and aligns a plan for our next steps

UX Design

Wireframes are important because they provide a clear understanding of the overall structure and functionality of a digital product before it is developed. Ideas and thoughts from Stage 1 would feed into this.

Why it’s needed

  • Streamlines user journeys
  • Identifies any problems or limitations
  • Ability to test or show ideas to potential users
  • Faster iteration and collaboration
  • Reduces cost and improves the UX


It’s important that your brand resonates with your target audience and helps differentiate your business in the marketplace. At the very least we’d need to create a visual identity, this may be something that you already have in place of which can be reviewed or created from scratch.

Why it’s needed

  • Defines what your business stands for
  • Shows your unique selling proposition
  • A strong brand can help build trust with customers

Design Direction

Once the overall user experience and wireframes are complete, we’d look to apply an aesthetic look and feel to key screens for design approval.

Why it’s needed

  • Helps ensure consistency in the look and feel of a project early on
  • Removes the need for multiple revisions
  • Ensures that all stakeholders are aligned on the vision for the product
  • Aligns the style and identity for the product

UI Design

The approved design direction would then be rolled out onto the rest of the wireframes that have been created. This would be applied to desktop and mobile screens.

Why it’s needed

  • Aligns consistencies and patterns in the form of a design system
  • Brings the project to a finish state for development handover


Project timelines and milestones, what does that look like?

I generally have approximately a 1-2 week lead time before I can start new work, but this could be sooner depending on my schedule. Projects are split into manageable stages and once the quote for each stage is approved, I’ll deliver an initial piece of work back to review within 5-10 days, so you’ll never be waiting long to see progress.

Feedback and revisions, is this included?

At each stage of the project I include 2 rounds of revisions if needed. If we get to the desired result without amends then we move forward to the next stage.

Do you respond promptly to requests?

Throughout the project I will always respond to any queries in a timely manner and keep pace on the project. High levels of communication are always maintained throughout the whole process.

How do the finances work?

A 50% deposit would be made before work starts, then the balance and deposit for the next stage. I always give a fixed price so you can manage your budget. In the early stages I will give you a price range estimate and then quote more specifically after the Stage 1 Discovery.

The process looks great, but we only need certain stages?

That’s not a problem, you might have wireframes already and need more of the design side of things. We can use the process at the point you need it.


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