Enter club Trials with an app


Get scouted with an app

Players no longer have to wait for a Scout to arrive at a match to get noticed. Get analysed with Ai and generate data that pro football clubs want to see.

The problem

Ai technology is used in the app to analyse how amateur players perform when they enter a trial for a particular football club. Lots of users were getting the trials wrong and they weren’t really sure which trials were accessible to them, which lead to a poor user experience.

The challenge

How do we streamline the process of entering club trials and where’s the best place to find them with review of the current process? How can we suggest recommended trials and serve more discoverable opportunities to the user?

Current app onboarding

The initial onboarding screens were lacking an injection of excitement and had a low engagement rate. These screens needed more of a narrative to explain why the app exists, the process that’s needed to enter trials and how players could explore and find opportunities within the app.

Improved onboarding

Basic profile information needed to be obtained from the user to enable them to complete their National Rating Score (NRS) – this was collected at sign up. Your NRS is something that must be done to assess a player’s basic athletic ability so they have a chance to go on and enter professional club trials in the app.

Rather than asking for everything upfront, which was a blocker in the current app, the strategy was to gain info on the player in incremental stages, so as not to ask for too much detail before they could interact with general features and opportunities. A video introduction was also added with clear insight of what to expect with more engaging onboarding screens featuring imagery from a commissioned photography shoot.

Other current In-app issues

Once you entered the app itself the experience felt quite flat. The home screen was asking users to complete their profile which was mainly ignored and when trying to enter NRS trials everything was locked because they had to go back and complete their profile which didn’t feel very obvious as it wasn’t a requirement from the start.

A new experience

The app needed more of a focussed task driven home area to take action and complete profile information, do NRS trials and then have the ability to trial for professional clubs like Chelsea. A proposal for dedicated club pages was discussed where users could follow clubs and discover opportunities which was fed through onto their home page area, including suggested trials, educational tips and scholarships.

Entering trials

Trials were difficult to locate in the current app so it felt sensible to introduce a dedicated area for this where users could explore certain trials or go straight to a club page to enter them. The app aims to gives an equal opportunity to trial for clubs globally, open to the world for everyone.


Once players followed clubs, more relevant content was suggested based on the user’s activity, new trials were suggested that players may not have heard of so they could gain valid experience to trial for more high-profile clubs. Sponsored trials, scholarships and further education helped players explore undiscovered opportunities within the app.

Brand creation

There were a few pain points with the current brand as it felt non-descriptive with a lack of connection with its audience. It needed to stand out on a crowded phone screen and convey a feel of tech, motion and sport. We needed a brand with impact, excitement and intrigue that worked well across all its environments and spaces.

A moodboard for discovery

The next stage was to create a mood board to identify a brand design direction with a collection of design styles for consideration. This proposed a discovery phase showing high level thinking with reference to design and potential content ideas to align thoughts. Key takeaways from this was that the new brand needed to be bold, vibrant and standout in all environments with a memorable logo mark that symbolised what AiScout represents.

The new symbol

It was important that the brand had a symbol / badge that was memorable. As ideas were explored with references from the mood board it became apparent that we needed something that felt abstract and edgy to really stand out. The negative space within the ‘A’ expresses a connection to the name, but with a deeper meaning that utilises and references the idea of a camera shutter whilst recording trials using your phone.

Brand Placement

The symbol and typography needed to work across all channels from the website and socials to football shirts and in stadiums. Brandon Grotesque was the chosen font with Roboto Condensed paired as body copy.

The result

After evaluating what was a confused flow of the app, the solution proposed a cleaner way to guide users (with the least path of resistance) to sign up and discover opportunities creating a habitual usage. The app gained a lot of traction and was featured on BBC Click.