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An immersive brand experience


Britain’s oldest bottled water

Harrogate Spring Water is the No.1 premium water brand in foodservice and the fastest growing bottled water brand in Britain.

The problem

Harrogate Spring Water have always done things differently and enjoy breaking the mould with expressive originality. The problem was that this brand etiquette was not portrayed on their front facing website, it needed to have the feeling of exceptional timeless elegance.

The challenge

Their existing website lacked a sense of personality and narrative. How do we elevate Harrogate Spring Water’s online presence and create an experience that really engaged the user with the brand?


Authentically Harrogate

Harrogate Spring Water’s philosophy operates with respect and integrity to ensure that the environment, people and their community are at the heart of what they do. The use of full screen lifestyle imagery throughout the whole experience helped tell a story of how the brand positioned itself in moments of everyday life.


Corporate events and brand advocacy

Harrogate Spring Water is found at the most prestigious events and venues, from Michelin-starred restaurants to the world’s most reputable airlines. The news section played a key role as the voice for the brand and social awareness.


Once the user tapped on ‘Our Water’ the nav bar slid to the top of the browser and presented a full screen family of products with an illustrative style to denote the history of the brand dating back from 1571. Tapping a bottle would take you to the detail around it to find out more about the design of the label and bottle.

Product detail

Users could engage and appreciate the design essence of each product and understand how the bottles had taken inspiration from the town’s beautiful architectural shapes – striving for timeless elegance.

The result

A site that represents a quintessentially British brand

Photo shoots were taken and I was responsible for the creative direction, structure and user experience of the website. Throughout the site we kept dramatic black and white photography at full screen giving an immersive experience which beautifully described the narrative of how Harrogate Spring Water as a brand is an inherent part of our everyday lives.


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